Explore the Top Dining Destinations That Define Broken Arrow’s Flavorful Scene along with the Best Spots for Drinks and Socializing

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is a city bursting with culinary creativity and diverse flavors to tantalize your taste buds. When it comes to socializing and enjoying a drink, Broken Arrow also offers a variety of options to suit every taste and occasion. Below are some of the top dining and socializing destinations that define our city’s flavorful scene.

Eat & Drink

1843 on Broadway Photo

1843 on Broadway

Broken Arrow Brewing Photo

Broken Arrow Brewing

Charleston’s Photo


Lima Peruvian Cuisine Photo

Lima Peruvian Cuisine

Main Street Tavern Photo

Main Street Tavern

McKinney’s Modern Dining Photo

McKinney’s Modern Dining

The Nook Brewing Photo

The Nook Brewing

Rocking “R” Ranch House Photo

Rocking “R” Ranch House

Rustic Chophouse Photo

Rustic Chophouse

Shaky Jakes Photo

Shaky Jakes

Tiger Bite Photo

Tiger Bite

Waldo’s Chicken & Beer Photo

Waldo’s Chicken & Beer